The fully integrated, interdisciplinary partnership covers molecular virology (MBG1), plant biotechnology (MBG2), veterinary virology and vaccine research (DTU-VET, IVI), ultrastructural characterization (DTU-Cen), hyperimmunogenic antigens (SKAU), applied pig research (PRC), and a large international pharmaceutical company with major activities in the area of veterinary vaccines (Boehringer Ingelheim). The complementary expertise of the partners covers all aspects needed to obtain proof-of-concept for a novel PRRS-vaccine, and future steps towards the market will be facilitated by input from end-users. As shown in the project flow diagram there is natural flow of knowledge and materials through the academic partners, whereas the SME contributes innovative input on how to make hyperimmunogenic antigens and the bigpharma participant together with end-user representation will ensure early input on the commercial requirements to a vaccine.

Moreover, two World leading PRRS-experts as well as a specialist in heterologous production of multi-protein complexes have accepted to join the advisory board. Finally, Boehringer Ingelheim will be in charge of a self-financed large scale vaccine and challenge study in compliance with regulatory requirements for market access.