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Palmyra Portrait Project Lecture Series (F2013-S2015)


Antikmuseet, Viktor Albecks Vej 3, 8000 Aarhus C

25.02.15: Udstillingsåbning på Antikmuseet: Harald Ingholt og Palmyra

17.04.15: Harald Ingholts arkæologiske undersøgelser i Palmyra og Hama
Foredragsholder: Peder Mortensen, Adjungeret Professor, Københavns Universitet

05.05.15: Franz Cumont, Palmyra and Dura-Europos
Foredragsholder: Ted Kaizer, Dr. Durham University

02.06.15: Johannes Pedersen, Harald Ingholt og dansk orientalistiks mange facetter
Foredragsholder: Jørgen Bæk Simonsen, Professor, Københavns Universitet

Antikmuseet, Viktor Albecks Vej 3, 8000 Aarhus C

7.10.14: Das Ende der Antiken Idealstatue - hvad skulptur kan fortælle om et samfund i forandring
Foredragsholder: Niels Hannestad, Professor (emeritus), Aarhus Universitet

4.11.14: Hvor skulptur og maling mødes: Teknik og stil i bemalingen af romerske portrætter fra 1.-3. årh. e.kr.
Foredragsholder: Amalie Skovmøller, ph.-d.-stipendiat, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

2.12.14: Palmyras banketbilletter: religiøse grupper og rituel kultur i en oaseby                      
Foredragsholder: Prof. Dr. Rubina Raja, Aarhus Universitet, Leder af Palmyra Portræt Projektet

Antikmuseet, Viktor Albecks Vej 3, 8000 Aarhus C

4.2.14:  What constitutes a Portrait in the Ancient World
Foredragsholder: Tracey Long, post.doc., Palmyra Portræt Projektet, Aarhus Universitet

4.3.14: Palmyra and its Eastern trade in a Eurasian perspective, 1st–3rd cent. CE Foredragsholer: Kasper Grønlund Evers, ph.-d.-stipendiat, Københavns Universitet

8.4.14: Females in Palmyra
Foredragsholder: Signe Krag, ph.-d.-stipendiat, Palmyra Portræt Projektet, Aarhus Universitet

6.5.14: A ‘notable palmyrenien': Septimius Worod
Foredragsholder: Tommaso Gnoli, Professor, University of Bologna

10.6.14: The Palmyrene diaspora and the history of trade
Foredragsholder: Jean-Baptiste Yon, Dr. Researcher, Laboratoire HISOMA - Histoire et Sources des Mondes Antiques, Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée Lyon

Antikmuseet, Viktor Albecks Vej 3, 8000 Aarhus C

1.10.13: Zenobia, Palmyra’s flerkulturelle dronning
Foredragsholder: Finn Ove Hvidberg-Hansen, professor emeritus, Aarhus Universitet

23.10.13: Skønheden fra Palmyra: Farver på et gravportræt fra Palmyra
Foredragsholder: Jan Stubbe Østergaard, museumsinspektør, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

19.11.13: Vægmalerier fra grave i Palmyra
Foredragsholder: Annette Højen Sørensen, post doc, Palmyra Portræt Projektet, Aarhus Universitet

19.12.13: Palmyra on the Euphrates? Or: ten days in the life of Dura-Europos
Foredragsholder: Ted Kaizer, senior lecturer, Durham University, England

Previous seminars (2014)

Seminar on Palmyrene portraiture

Date: 28 May 2014

Aarhus University and Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies
The Palmyra Portrait Project

Organised by:
Rubina Raja and Ted Kaizer


  • Introduction to the project and presentation on Priestly Representations in Palmyra, Rubina Raja
  • Language, topography and religion at Palmyra,Ted Kaizer
  • Palmyra and Parthian art – some preliminary thoughts, Stefan Hauser
  • The Tomb of the Three Brothers, Annette Højen Sørensen
  • Portraiture in Roman Syria, Lukasz Sokolowski
  • The tomb of Artaban – family constellations, Esther Schallenberg
  • The tomb of Shallamallat – dating the portraits, Marie-Claire Scheider
  • The tomb of Zabd’ateh and Moqîmû – the question of individuality in portraiture and reconstructing a plundered tomb, Martin Kolb

Roman Dress in the context of Palmyra

- A joint seminar between the The Danish National Research Foundation's Centre for Textile Research and the Palmyra Portrait Project
Hosted by the Palmyra Portrait Project at Aarhus University

Date: 1 May 2014

Location: Richard Mortensenstuen, Studenternes hus


  • Introduction to the workshop by Prof. Rubina Raja, director of the Palmyra Portrait Project (PPP)
  • Rubina Raja, Prof., PPP: “Dressing up for religious action: Priestly dress in Palmyra”
  • Annette Højen Sørensen, postdoc, PPP: “Achilles’ new clothes – wall paintings as expressions of dress culture in Palmyra”
  • Annette Schieck, Director, Textile Museum Krefeld: "Depicting material qualities in Palmyrene limestone sculpture”
  • Berit Hildebrandt, Marie Curie Fellow, CTR: “Roman imperial luxury dress”
  • Signe Krag, Ph.D.-fellow, PPP: “Textiles and drapery in Palmyrene female portrait busts”
  • Tracey Long, postdoc, PPP: “Parthian robes as the costume of choice in the Palmyrene funerary portraits”
  • Christopher Degelmann, Ph.D.-fellow, Lived Ancient Religion, ERC project, University of Erfurt: “Roman mourning clothes in the literary sources”

AIAS Fellow Seminar

15 April 2014 at 2pm: Ted Kaizer, AIAS Dale T. Mortensen senior Fellow, Language, Topography and Religion at Palmyra. AIAS (Building 1630), conference room (room 101).

The Palmyra Portrait Project

- Joint seminar between the Palmyra Portrait Project, Aarhus University (Rubina Raja), and Klassische Archäologie, LMU (Rolf Schneider). 
Hosted by the Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters, 26-27 February 2014  

Previous workshops (S2012-F2014)

Positions and Professions in Palmyra: Part Two: Professions

Date: 25 November 2014

Location: Aarhus University


  • Dr. Eivind Heldaas Seland (University of Bergen): The iconography of Palmyrene caravan trade
  • Prof. Dr. Rubina Raja (Director, Palmyra Portrait Project, Aarhus University): Performing priesthood in Palmyra: the funerary portraits
  • Dr. Eleonora Cussini (Universita Ca’Foscari Venezia): The Pious Butcher and the Physicians. Palmyrene Professions in Context
  • Prof. Dr. Tommaso Gnoli (Università di Bologna): "Excuse me, where is the doctor?" Unattested professionals in Palmyra
  • Dr. Annette Højen Sørensen and Dr. Tracey Long (Palmyra Portrait Project, Aarhus University): Positions and Professions in Palmyra– two sides of the same coin?

Positions and Professions in Palmyra: Part One: Positions,

Date: 23 September 2014

Location: Aarhus University


  • Dr. Vesta Curtis (Curator, Dept. of Coins and Medals. British Museum): Parthian haute couture at Palmyra
  • Dr. Tracey Long (Postdoc. Aarhus University): Parthian costume and otium in Palmyra
  • Dr. Glenys Davies (Senior Lecturer. University of Edinburgh): The body language of Palmyra and Rome.
  • Signe Krag (PhD Student, Aarhus University): The use of jewellery in Palmyrene female portraits


Local Traditions in Portrait Sculpture in the Roman Near East

Date: 13 March 2014

Location: Aarhus University


  • Tracey Long: Origins and influences of female portrait sculpture in early imperial Aphrodisias
  • Sanne Klaver: Representations of women in Dura-Europos: Paintings as a mirror for a woman's identity
  • Uwe Mahler: Marble portraits of Greek and Roman Syria - A survey of the current state of research
  • Elise A. Friedland: Portraits and "not-portraits" in Palmyrene Votive Reliefs
  • Rubina Raja: Funerary portraits in Palmyra between local identities and imperial trends
  • Signe Krag: Cultural traditions in Palmyrene female portraiture

Workshop on sculptural techniques

- with Will Wootton and Ben Russell from the project Art of Making

Copenhagen, June 2012 

Previous conferences (F2013-S2015)

Palmyra and the Mediterranean

Date: 26-27 January 2015

Location: The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen

The World of Palmyra

Date: 16-18 December 2013

Location: The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen