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Project activity summary

Anti-biofouling coatings

Our project has developed nano coatings at KTH which are being tested for anti-biofilm properties in RAS at both Aarhus University (Zoophysiology), Sashimi Royal, and Nofima. The tests will encompass a large segment of possible RAS settings by including cold and warm water fish and both fresh, brackish, and full saline water. Biofilm development is being quantified by volume via optical coherence tomography (OCT) and LIVE/DEAD imaging at Aarhus University (iNano). High-throughput DNA amplicon sequencing is being performed at Aalborg University and used to describe the microbial communities broadly, and specifically by targeting GSM producers. This will result in a comprehensive timeseries of biofilm development which will be linked to geosmin production in the water.

Capacitive deionization

A modern and advanced CDI using activated carbon cloth electrodes has been constructed by swt and is being tested for geosmin and ammonia removal efficacy at Aarhus University (Zoophysiology) and Nofima.