New NorBaRAG website and Logo


The previous NorBaRAG website ( located at LUKE‘s server has been moved to a new site: hosted by Aarhus University. We have a completely new design and lay-out, compatible with the newest technological standards and based on similiar international websites such as This website is designed to facilitate communication and should be actively used by our members. Each of us is encouraged to contribute to an active, updated and informative site. Jens Grønbech Hansen is responsible for the design, and we can contact him to upload any additional content.

We have also a new logo for NorBaRAG. The old one did not fit to the new CSM framework. The new logo is based on the original one, and includes some elements from there. The circles indicate flow of data and knowledge, sharing of data, and collaboration. The colors green and blue indicate the clean crop and the clean water (keeping the similar colors as in the original logo). The circle is like a magnifying glass zooming to our Nordic-Baltic region.