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New concept for integrated assessment of pollution sources in the Sea

Nyt koncept til integreret miljøvurdering af forureningskilder i havet

The aim of the NewSea project is to develop a new concept including several tools for assessing distribution and effects of hazardous substances (HS) discharged from several point sources to coastal waters

Such a concept and tools can guide future management with respect to estimating current conditions and finding solutions to mitigate the ecosystem effects in relation to various levels and discharge locations of point sources to reach a ‘good chemical status (GES)’ sensu the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). The selected case study area is in the south-eastern Great Belt and Smålandsfarvandet, which is exposed to many different point sources and is presently in a none-good chemical status.


Aarhus University

  1. Marie Maar
  2. Jakob Strand
  3. Zhanna Tairova
  4. Martin M Larsen
  5. Kim Gustavson
  6. Janus Larsen
  7. Vibe Schourup-Kristensen
  8. Rosanna Bossi
  9. Jesper Christensen
  10. Cordula Göke

Danish Board of Technology

The project is led by AU, Department of Ecoscience with Department of Environmental Sciences and Danish Board of Technology (TR) as partners.

The project runs for the period 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2026.


Marie Maar

Professor with Special Responsibilities, Head of Section