Project description

Nature-based Solutions for Tea (NbS4Tea) is a research capacity building project in Uganda with a main aim to identify and quantify climate change impacts on tea yield and quality in Uganda.

Within the project, a variety of research topics are targeted to ensure a multifaced, thorough solution which will not only cover agricultural aspects, but also include a socio-economic approach to ensure a sustainable production and processing chain.

The project will study and recommend climate resilient tea varieties and nature-based solutions through tea intercropping to support both tea production and local food production. It aims to develop new methods and knowledge on local bioresources availability and their added value, and to innovate and deploy affordable and versatile irrigation technologies suited for the local context.

A focus will be set on empowering women and vulnerable communities within the tea production and processing chain, and to identify export market strategies to substantially increase tea production and productivity in Uganda while contribute to improving livelihoods.

The project is led by Aarhus University Department of Agroecology (AU-AGRO), alongside the Aarhus University Department of Management (AU-MGMT), the Rwebitaba Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (R-ZARDI; one of the institutes of Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Organisation, NARO) and Uganda’s largest and oldest institution of higher learning Makerere University (MAK).

Project period and funding

The project is funded by the Danida Fellowship Centre under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Project period: 2023-2028