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MIXED scientific publications

MIXED will continuously publish scientific articles based on results and research within the project. On this page you will find a list with the most recent article first:

Bucking the trend: Crop farmers' motivations for reintegrating livestock

Authors: Clémentine Meunier, Guillaume Martin, Cécile Barnaud, Julie Ryschawy

Published in: Agricultural Systems, Volume 214, February 2024

How does Life Cycle Assessment capture the environmental impacts of agroforestry? A systematic review 

 Authors: Mónica Quevedo-Cascante, Lisbeth Mogensen, Anne Grete Kongsted, Marie Trydeman Knudsen

Published in: Science of The Total Environment, Volume 890, 10 September 2023

Mixed farming and agroforestry systems: A systematic review on value chain implications

Authors: Guy Low, Tobias Dalhaus, Miranda P.M. Meuwissen

Published in: Agricultural Systems, Volume 206, March 2023

A participatory approach based on the serious game Dynamix to co-design scenarios of crop-livestock integration among farms

Authors: Julie Ryschawy, Myriam Grillot, Anaïs Charmeau, Aude Pelletier, Marc Moraine, Guillaume Martin 

Published in: Agricultural Systems, Volume 201, August 2022