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Temporal data

Temporal data are generally less frequently available than spatial data. Some parameters in the national and international statistics are available on monthly basis. An example is national energy statistics, which, due to reporting obligations to EUROSTAT, are available on a monthly level. Temporal data on daily and hourly level are generally scarce, but data is available for e.g. road transport via traffic counts. The main sources for temporal data that has been included in the temporal model is listed below.

Central Statistics Office, CSO

Ireland's national statistical office. Statistics covering People and Society, Environment and Climate, Economy, Labour Market and Earmings, Business Sectors, and General Statistical Publications. Some statistics are available on quarterly or monthly level, e.g. electricity output and industrial production volume.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland

Transport Infrastructure Ireland provide an integrated approach to the future development and operation of the national roads network and light rail infrastructure throughout Ireland by provide high quality transport infrastructure and services. Hourly traffic counts are available for more than 300 the Irish sites.

EirGrid Group

The Smart Grid Dashboard is an EirGrid Group web-based application that holds power system statistics, including electricity generation and wind power. Data are available on hourly level for one running month.