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Spatial high-resolution mapping of national emissions. Plejdrup, M.S., Nielsen,O.-K. & Bruun,H.G. WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment: Air Pollution XXVI. Vol. 230 WIT Press, 2018. pp. 399-408.  

Influence of improved methodology and increased spatial resolution on gridded emissions. Plejdrup, M.S., Nielsen,O.-K. & Bruun,H.G. International Journal of Environmental Impacts. Accepted.

Temporal variation in emission from road transport. Plejdrup, M.S., Nielsen,O.-K., Bruun,H.G. & Christensen, J.H. In Preparation.


Abstract presented at the EFGS Conference in Dublin, 2.-3. November 2018.

Additional information and materials from the conference can be found on the EFGS 2017 conference webpage and on the EFGS webpage.


Final report

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Conference presentations

10th EFGS conference, 2017, Dublin, Ireland

11th FAIRMODE Plenary Meeting, 2018, Baveno, Italy

Air Pollution 2018, Naples, Italy

Documents from the 1st stakeholder workshop in Dublin 28/10 2016 

Presentation from the 1st stakeholder workshop in Dublin 28/10 2016

Minutes from the 1st stakeholder workshop in Dublin 28/10 2016

Presentations from the 2nd stakeholder workshop in Dublin 28/11 2018

1 Presentation of the project

2 The spatial model

3 The temporal model

4 Data availability and future applications

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Pamphlet (November 2017)