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Tropical disks counting, stability conditions in symplectic geometry and quiver representations

Man-Wai Cheung (Harvard University)
Monday 10 May 2021 13:00–14:00 Zoom
Mathematics Seminar

Bridgeland developed stability scattering diagrams relating scattering diagrams with quiver representations. Scattering diagrams were developed as a machinery in mirror symmetry. Together with Travis Mandel, we associate tropical disks counting with quiver representations by using the stability scattering diagrams. Next, together with Yu-Wei Fan and Yu-Shen Lin, we look at the stable objects for the $A_2$ quiver. It is known that the derived Fukaya-Seidel category of the rational elliptic surface is the derived category of the $A_2$ quiver. We made use of the relation and corresponded the special Lagrangian with the stable objects in the derived category of coherent sheaves.

Via Zoom, email peter.jorgensen@math.au.dk for the link

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