International Scientific Workshop on Sustainable Intensification Metrics

An international scientific workshop on sustainable intensification metrics, organised by the FACCE SURPLUS project SUSTAg, will be held in Berlin on Monday May 22. The workshop will be held as a pre-conference meeting to the MACSUR Science Conference 2017.

Photo: Lise Balsby

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Monday 22 May 2017,  at 09:00 - 12:00


Adlershof Convent, Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin


  • How can we best measure sustainable intensification of agricultural systems?
  • What role can models play in quantifying sustainable intensification options and policies?
  • What are the appropriate indicators, scales, methods, and thresholds when measuring sustainable intensification? 

This workshop aims to bring together scientists and stakeholders interested in the fields of sustainable intensification, modelling, and agricultural policies in order to discuss the development and operationalization of sustainable intensification metrics.

The event will present state-of-the-art work on sustainable intensification metrics, including the proposal developed within the SUSTAg project, and most importantly foster dialogue on measuring sustainable intensification.

  • Introduction and welcome
    Anita Beblek, agrathaer
  • The need for sustainable intensification metrics
    Frank Ewert, ZALF
  • The SUSTAg sustainable intensification metrics framework
    Ioanna Mouratiadou, Utrecht University
  • Indicators for sustainable intensification: from field to national level
    Gerrie van de Ven, Wageningen University
  • Group discussion on best practices in measuring sustainable intensification 
    All participants in small groups 
  • Plenary discussion on workshop outcomes
    All participants led by panel of experts, incl. Katharina Helming, ZALF; Franz Sinabell, WIFO; Annette Prochnow, ATB; Heikki Lehtonen, LUKE and Heidi Webber, University of Bonn 

For further information and registration to the event, please email your name, affiliation and expertise to Dr. Ioanna Mouratiadou ( before 8 May 2017. Although attendance is open to everyone, space is limited.

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Organised by:

The workshop is organised by Utrecht University and agrathaer within the framework of the SUSTAg project funded by the ERA-NET FACCE SURPLUS.