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  • Network for the study of religious circulation in East and West

The research network EASTSPIRIT seeks to investigate religious circulation between the East and the West as cultural processes of a contemporary, global world. The network aims to analyse 1) the ways in which religious ideas and practices of Eastern origin have been transformed in and had an impact on religion, spirituality and culture in the West as well as 2) the return effect such transformations have had in diaspora religion and different countries of origin. In a more general perspective, the aim is to 3) develop methods and theories to explore alternative models of transnational flows of religion in a global world. (Picture (right) from the EASTSPIRIT conference in Aarhus 10-11 December 2014)

Network, core group:

Jørn Borup, Project manager (Aarhus University).

Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger (Aarhus University)

Knut A. Jacobsen (Bergen University)

Katarina Plank (University of Gothenburg)

Inken Prohl (Heidelberg University)


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