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Measuring lipid composition in soil animals and insects

Experience with determine and quantifying both membrane lipids and storage lipids in soil animals and different insects. The lipids are analysed by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry on a Shimadzu GCMSQP2010 with auto-sampler.

Determine small molecule interactions with cellmembranes

Expertise in determining small molecule interactions with cellular membranes and synthetic variants thereof (Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation, vesicle release assays by fluorescence) as well as small molecule interactions with bacterial biofilm, in particular functional amyloid (fluorescence microscopy, force spectroscopy, FTIR and circular dichroism spectroscopy).

Measuring transport and fate of terpenes in soil systems

Experience with measurements of the convective and diffusive transport and the fate of terpenes in soil systems. This includes understanding the transport behavior across soil types and soil-water contents the effects of hydrophobicity and include the application of NIR, MIR and LIPS for analysis.