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New postdoc in ANTHEA: Mark Haughton

2021.05.19 | Mette Løvschal

From 15 August 2021, Mark Haughton will be joining ANTHEA as postdoc.

MH has recently successfully defended his PhD thesis in Archaeology, University of Cambridge, in 2020, called "Narrativizing Difference in Earlier Bronze Age Society: a comparative analysis of age and gender ideologies in the burials of Ireland and Scotland". He holds an M.A. in Archaeology from University College Dublin (2013-2014) with first class honors, and a B.A. inArchaeology & Classics, also from University College Dublin (2006-2010). He has worked the last half year as teaching associate at the department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. Moreover, he has worked as field archaeologist and researcher for Cambridge Archaeological Unit since September 2019. 

MH will share responsibility for Work Package 4 of the project, which is aimed at the first-ever examination of the spatial organisation of heathland management responsible for their emergence and extremely long-term persistence. MH will be working with these issues across multiple scales, from the spatial organisation of settlement and funerary sites as well as “off-site patterns” to large-scale spatial organisational patterns such as population fluctuations and areal colonisation/abandonment. Essentially, and in conjunction with the other WPs, MH will seek to shed new light on the social organisation of heathlands in the Late Neolithic-Early Iron Age as well as the collaborative dynamics embedded in these landscapes, including the interplay between structures of regulation pertaining to the household and larger communal or sub-communal structures of organisation.