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Artist collaboration with ANTHEA

The artist Ellen Martine Heuser will be making a site-specific heathwork titled ‘Mindesmærke der synliggør sin væren i Heden’

Title: KENOTAPH (NORD) - MAUSOLEUM (MAIOR-MINOR) - QUADRAT (2022) Medium: site-specific earthwork, Prøvemarken, Læsø AiR Material: tape measure, compass, mason’s cord, nails, wheelbarrow, spade Dimension / area: 4110 x 1140 cm Documentation: photo by Per Villumsen (c) Ellen Martine Heuser
Title: Raging towards Genesis (2021) Medium: site-specific earthwork, Feldversuche - Wiener Kunstsymposium, Kleine Stadtfarm, Vienna Material: tape measure, mason’s cord, nails, bucket, spade Dimension / area: 800 x 800 cm Documentation: photo by Robert Faßler (c) Ellen Martine Heuser

Ellen Martine Heuser contributes to the research project ANTHEA with a new work based on her portfolio of sculptural 'earthworks'. The work is intended to be a site-specific heathwork that exposes the processes or layers of soil (e.g. “allag” or the root system of the heather) that are not visible to the human eye. The motivation is to let the heath itself be the material of a sculpture that takes place. A sculpture that takes shape precisely by virtue of a human intervention, which is a precondition for the maintenance of the heath.

The earthwork ‘Mindesmærke der synliggør sin væren i Heden’ (2023) (eng: Memorial which makes its being visible in the Heath) has received two grants for the production from Danish Arts Foundation (30.000 DKK) and Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond (37.000 DKK). 

Furthermore the work will be realized with support from Naturstyrelsen, Læsø Artist in Residence / Læsø Kunst og Kultur and Hvolris Jernalderlandsby - Viborg Museum.

Ellen Martine Heuser is a Danish artist based in Berlin. Her artistic practice explores potentials of Sculpture through spatial installations, performative interventions and earthworks. Personal webpage