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Making art in the heathland

Interview with ANTHEA affiliated artist Ellen Martine Heuser in the artist journal "Billedkunstneren"

Mindesmærke der synliggør sin væren i heden (del 3) Photo: Tina Sørensen
Mindesmærke der synliggør sin væren i heden (del 2) Photo: Tina Sørensen
Mindesmærke der synliggør sin væren i Heden (del 1) Photo: E. M. Heuser

Ellen Martine Heuser is a new member of the Association of Visual Artists. In a recent interview with them she talks about making artworks in the heathland and collaborating with ANTHEA. 

In the article Ellen Martine Heuser is asked about her background. She grew up in Svendborg and Copenhagen and pursued education in sculpture and art theory at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, with additional studies in Berlin. After spending 14 years in Germany, she has returned to Copenhagen. The decision to return to Denmark evolved over time, driven by curiosity about life there. While nervous about leaving the German art scene behind, she found opportunities through work stays in Denmark. Her recent work, a contribution to the Anthropogenic Heathlands (ANTHEA) research project, marks a significant shift in her artistic practice. She describes her artistic practice as focused on site-specific installations, drawing, text, and sound, with a deep interest in transforming and presenting selected sacred architectures that underpin civilizations. She emphasizes hands-on involvement in her work and seeks to bridge the gap between contemporary art sculpture and ancient monuments. 

You can read the whole interview in Danish here

The photos are all part of the Artistic earthwork in three parts, created as a contribution to the ANTHEA project titled: "Monument that reveals its presence in the heath".