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Dreaming about the Heath/ Hededrømme

Article by Mette Løvschal and Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland in the research magazine Baggrund

Illustration: collage by Ida Katinka Ploug after Frederik Vermehrens “Hedestudie”, SMK Open

In collaboration with the festival Golden Days X På Landet , the research magazine Baggrund presents the online universe Drømmeland, which examines the glossy images, beautiful paintings and delusions of the rural that have been at play in our culture.

In the article "Hededrømme", Mette Løvschal and Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland examine heath as a cultural landscape created in interaction between humans, plants and animals from the Middle Neolithic to the present day.  

Heaths have for centuries witnessed human's changing relationship with nature and have been subject to various dreams, ideals and colonization projects. Despite their neglected status, the heaths can still teach us important lessons about slow ecosystems, complex human, animal and plant relationships, and opportunities to reconnect humans and nature. The heaths remind us to dream of new ways to live with nature and cherish our landscapes. 

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Read more by the authors: 

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