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The heath needs humans, and humans need the heath.

Talks by Mette Løvschal, Emmy Laura Pérez Fjalland & Ellen Martine Heuser at Bloom Festival May 26.

The Bloom Festival, which is Denmark’s biggest ideas and science festival, has invited PI Mette Løvschal and the ANTHEA collaborators cultural geographer and author Emmy Laura Pérez Fjalland and artist and shepherdess Ellen Martine Heuser to talk about the heath and how it needs human disturbance to survive.

In the Thought Seed (Tankefrø) session on May 26, you can explore three different perspectives on the depleted and contested cultural landscape with its many heather plants. Read more about the session "The heath" here

It is free to particpate and the festival takes place from May 24-26, 2024 at Søndermarken in Copenhagen. Read more about it and see the full program here