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Architectural collaboration with ANTHEA

Emmy Laura Pérez Fjalland will be making a heath-work titled ‘Patchworking’ based on research gathered among Danish heath-shepherds in the Midwestern Jutland and their landscaping practices. 

Emmy Laura Pérez Fjalland contributes to the research project ANTHEA with a new work called ‘Patchworking’. The work is a digital collage that consists of maps, drawings, short essays, photographs, and a field-video, and will weave heath fragments of land, fire, sheep, plants, walks, and shepherds' work. 

The piece queries into heath-landscaping, looking at movements and refuges through the lens of patch-working, and is led by a curiosity in what kind of landscapes might emerge from new links between humans and heath. 

Emmy Laura Pérez Fjalland is a Danish-Colombian writer and teacher, with a PhD in geography and planning. Her practice is led by a ‘curious practice’ of geography and explores Other place imaginaries about the landscapes we live on, in and with. Emmy Laura Pérez Fjalland has received the architecture working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation (100.000 DKK) to continue her artistic work, and among this, the piece ‘Patchworking’.