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2021.04.15 | Events

Havananda Ombashi MCH presentation: Impacts of grazing pressure on upland moorland in prehistory

The later prehistory marks a critical period in time where upland landscapes in Britain developed a more enclosed character, alongside the occurrence of significant changes in the vegetation. Two main forms of land management that presumably drive upland vegetation change are burning and grazing. The use of non-pollen palynomorphs (NPPs) in…


2021.04.12 | Events

13 April 2021: New Environmental Archaeologies

University of Oslo

2021.03.24 | News type

Føljeton Earthling (Jordbo) curates ANTHEA chronicle

Check out the recommendation here and read the full ANTHEA chronicle on commons in Information here

2021.01.29 | imported:phd.au.dk:58:Videnudveksling

Palynological studies - status after first half year

Since the start of the workpackage, three archaeologically-rich Danish sites have been identified as potential sample locations and we are currently in the process of planning field work for this coming spring. The sites of choice reflect a mixture of prehistoric contexts, associated with heath plains and fluvioglacial (sandy) deposits. Sample…

2020.12.16 | imported:phd.au.dk:58:Videnudveksling

ANTHEA announces 3-year assistant professorship in landscape archaeology and spatial modelling

Deadline: 24 January 2021

2020.09.04 | Lecture / talk

AIAS Seminar: Mette Løvschal - Anthroprogenic Heathlands

Mon 16 Nov 14:15 — 15:30 The AIAS Auditorium

2020.07.10 | Lecture / talk

Paper presented at the International Association of the Society of Commons, July 2020.

By Mette Løvschal, AU & Marie Gravesen, DIIS: FENCING/deFENCING LAND: New pastoral commons in postcolonial Kenya Visit IASC to read the further discussion of the presentation.

2019.12.16 | Research news

Moesgaard Museum, Denmark: Arkæolog får 1,5 mio. euro til forskning i hedelandskaber

Coverage of the funding of the ANTHEA project

2019.11.01 | Research news

‘Commons’: Fællesarealer som mennesker i årtusinder har passet på

Hør Jeanette Varbergs interview med Mette Løvschal i P1, 4. dimension.

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