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2021.11.25 | Events

MIRUDA – Middelalderens Rurale Danmark : Landskaber og strategier

Rural Denmark in Medieval times. Conference held in Ribe. Mette Løvschal discussant in the panel together with Bjørn Poulsen, Aarhus University.

2021.11.05 | Knowledge exchange

ANTHEA is excavating a Bronze Age barrow near Skånsø, Northern Jutland

2nd week of our excavation of Store Vejlhøj near Skaansø, Northern Jutland. We have started sampling for pollen, NPPs, charcoal, macrofossils, micromorphology & geochemical analyses to reconstruct past pastoral land use in the area. Enjoyed the help and company of the best possible experts, including Marianne L Rasmussen, Malene R Beck,…

2021.10.27 | Events

ANTHEA presenting at EAA, Kiel

27th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists


2021.08.29 | Research news


"Den måde, vi bebor kloden på i dag, er ingen selvfølge. Når vi studerer (for)historien opdager vi bæredygtige, langsigtede og resiliente alternativer. Måske skal faktisk vi lære at tænke “arkæologisk“ om fremtiden, som Mette Løvschal siger i dagens samtale." Interview in Jordbo/Føljeton on 29 August 2021. 

2021.08.19 | Knowledge exchange

Webinar on United Nation’s Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Thursday 26 August 2021

2021.08.10 | Knowledge exchange

De-/Fencing Grasslands

New paper out on the long-term dimensions of enclosure and processes leading to collapsing commons. Published in LAND and co-authored with Marie L Gravesen from DIIS.

2021.06.29 | Publication

New blogpost in Cambridge University Press

Blogpost 23 June 2021 Wild and wishful: The emergence of heathlands as anthropogenic assemblage

2021.05.28 | Events

Owning Natures in the Longue Durée

CEH seminar examining early land ownership regimes in Europe with talks from scholars Susan Oosthuizen and Mette Løvschal.

2021.05.19 | People

New postdoc in ANTHEA: Mark Haughton

From 15 August 2021, Mark Haughton will be joining ANTHEA as postdoc. MH has recently successfully defended his PhD thesis in Archaeology, University of Cambridge, in 2020, called "Narrativizing Difference in Earlier Bronze Age Society: a comparative analysis of age and gender ideologies in the burials of Ireland and…

2021.04.15 | Events

Havananda Ombashi MCH presentation: Impacts of grazing pressure on upland moorland in prehistory

The later prehistory marks a critical period in time where upland landscapes in Britain developed a more enclosed character, alongside the occurrence of significant changes in the vegetation. Two main forms of land management that presumably drive upland vegetation change are burning and grazing. The use of non-pollen palynomorphs (NPPs) in…

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