A new concept for mid- to long-term storage of electrical energy in ammonia


AELECTRA Project Kick Started on 24th October 2023, in AROS, Aarhus Denmark.The project will run for 48 months and involves partners SINTEF, VITO, C2CAT, ELTRONIC FUELTECH, ADISSEO and ANORI. Project focuses on the development of technology for ammonia synthesis and liquid ammonia separation at mild conditions.

Project kick start was supported by the Project Officer and Portofolio Manager from the European Innovation Council, while the project partners physically arrived to Aarhus.

News - M6 meeting in Trondheim, Norway

The project partners met at SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway and discussed the current progress on the component development, recirculation and condensation loop design & assembly as well as current progress on ammonia synthesis and the verification of the proof of concept.