Video: Technologies for small-scale processors compared to homemade processing

In this video, Dario Paolo (CREA-IT) shows that small scale “industrially”processed food can have better sensory and nutritional quality compared to homemade products.

2018.03.16 | Thomas Alföldi

Several technologies suitable for small-scale processors have been compared to standard homemade processing methods:

  • Strawberry jam produced under a vacuum had a higher nutritional value expressed by the ascorbic acid content. These vacuum jams also had more aroma and better flavour according to the amount of volatile compounds.
  • For apple juice, the traditional rack frame press and the“older”water press systems were compared. The higher antioxidant capacity of apple juice from the water press indicates a longer shelf live.
  • The third example deals with drying tomatoes and strawberries. Traditional drying in an oven powered by electricity was compared to a novel solar powered drying apparatus. Solar dried products had a brighter color, and a better taste as expressed by the content of umami molecules (glutamic acid).

These results are relevant for primary organic producers and small/medium sized organic, local processing companies.



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