Welcome to the website of CORE Organic Cofund

CORE Organic Cofund has launched an EU cofunded transnational joint call for research project proposals based on funds from participating countries and funding from the European Union.

The CORE Organic Cofund consortium for the cofounded call consists of 26 partners from 19 countries and committed 13 million € of national funds “in cash” for transnational research. The CORE Organic Cofund ERA-Net will benefit from cofunding from the European Union under Horizon2020 research and innovation programme.   

The call announcement of the CORE Organic 2016 call is available here.

The Submission site is ready at http://eracall.eu/ where you can also find the Partnering tool if you are looking for partners to build a consortium.

The National Rules and Priorities are available on the submission site under Call documents, direct link: eracall.eu/call_documents/1782