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Why do they stay?

  • Exploring the relationalities of teachers who stay in the profession, thereby rethinking retention

About the project

This project explores why teachers stay in the profession. Existing research on teacher attrition and retention primarily focuses on teachers’ reasons for leaving the profession. This research project aims to explore why teachers stay in the profession with particular focus on teachers in public primary and lower secondary schools in Denmark. The ambition is to create a research-based foundation for working proactively rather than reactively with the retention of both newly qualified and long-serving teachers, thereby shifting the approach from prevention to a more positive discourse concerning the teaching profession.

Time schedule and funding

The project runs from 2024 to 2027

It is funded by DFF Sapere Aude research leader and AUFF Nova, pilot study



  • Professor Qing Gu, University College London
  • Professor Geert Kelchtermans, KU Leuven, Belgien
  • Professor Marco Snoek, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences