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Semantic Dimensions of Depression and Personality

We are looking for participants for a research project on linguistic processing in the brain and depression.

We are looking for participants who have been diagnosed with depression, and participants who do not have depression, in the age group of 18-35 years. The experiment involves performing a simple linguistic task while having a brain scan performed with MRI. It takes place at Aarhus University Hospital and lasts approx. 1.5 hours. The project takes place during August and September, and you choose which day and time suits you best. Of course, compensation is paid for participation. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Participation criteria

NB! We are no longer recruiting participants for group 2.

Group 1

You are currently diagnosed with depression and you do not have any other mental disorders (incl. anxiety)

Group 2

You have no mental disorders (incl. depression and anxiety) and do not take any strong medications or pharmaceuticals

Both groups 1 & 2

  • Above age 18
  • Right-handed
  • Not pregnant
  • Normal hearing
  • Normal vision
  • English is your first language, or you have received at least 10 years of English education (incl. primary school, high school etc.)

For further information, please contact Line Kruse:

+45 61650200