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The interdisciplinary project Research Network of Urban Literacy (RUL) is concerned with literacy and urbanity in Scandinavia in the Viking Age and Middle Ages. The main ambition is to shed light on the potential roles urbanity played in the transformation from societies based on orality to societies based on the written word, and simultaneously provide an exchange of methods between different fields of research: History, archeology and philology, in particular runology.

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Researchers in RUL



  • Agnes S. Arnórsdóttir, Associate Professor, Aarhus University
  • Anders Andrén, Professor, University of Stockholm
  • Andreas Manhag, Cultural Heritage Officer, Lund Historical Museum
  • Angela Ling Huang, Director, European Hansemuseum, Lübeck
  • Anna Adamska, Lecturer, Utrecht University
  • Anne Mette Hansen, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
  • Annika Ström, Professor, Södertörn University
  • Bjørn Poulsen, Professor, Aarhus University
  • Carsten Jahnke, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
  • Charlotte Appel, Associate Professor, Aarhus University
  • Elisabeth Magin, PhD student, University of Nottingham
  • Elise Kleivane, Postdoc, University of Oslo
  • Erik Opsahl, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Gitte T. Ingvardson, PhD Student, University of Copenhagen & Curator, Lund Historical Museum
  • Inger Larsson, Professor, Stockholm University
  • Janne Harjula, Adjunct Professor, University of Turku
  • Jeppe Büchert Netterstrøm, Associate Professor, Aarhus University
  • Jette Linaa, Curator, Moesgaard Museum
  • Johnny Grandjean Gøgsig Jakobsen, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen  
  • Jonatan Pettersson, Associate Professor, Stockholm University
  • Judith Jesch, Professor, University of Nottingham
  • Karen Langsholt Holmqvist, PhD Student, University of Oslo
  • Karsten M. Sørensen, Curator, Fredericia Museum
  • Kasper H. Andersen, Postdoc, Danish Centre for Urban History
  • Kirstine Haase, PhD student, UrbNet & Odense City Museums
  • Kristel Zilmer, Associate Professor, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Lars Boje Mortensen, Professor, University of Southern Denmark
  • Lars Bisgaard, Associate Professer, University of Southern Denmark
  • Lena Strid, PhD student, Lund University
  • Lisbeth Imer, Senior Researcher, the National Museum of Denmark
  • Magnus Källström, Associate professor, Swedish National Heritage Board
  • Marco Mostert, Professor, Utrecht University
  • Mark Vermeer, PhD Student, Utrecht University
  • Michael Andersen, Head Curator, the National Museum of Denmark  
  • Michael Gelting, Researcher, the Danish National Archives
  • Mikkel Thelle, Associate Professor, Danish Centre for Urban History
  • Morten Søvsø, Head Curator, Archeology, Museum of Southwest Jutland
  • Olav Elias Gundersen, PhD student, UrbNet
  • Pernille Hermann, Associate Professor, Aarhus University
  • Peter Carelli, Associate Professor, National Historical Museums, Sweden
  • Rikke Steenholt Olesen, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
  • Sean Vrieland, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen
  • Terje Spurkland, Associate Professor, Oslo University
  • Theresia Pettersson, Postdoc, Stockholm University