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Sarah Brin

Curating the Lab

title and short overview of your PhD thesis. "Curating the Lab" (working title) is about new, interdisciplinary curatorial practice focused on using participation, playfulness and popular media to draw visitors' attention to the mechanics and fungibility of cultural authority. I'm invested in inviting more people to participate in the conversation about what culture is, who makes it, and what it could become. I'm conducting this research concurrently with my research for GIFT, a project wherein I'm working with ten museums and helping them develop playful experiences to better connect visitors with exhibition content.

 the nature of your ‘non-written work'. I'm a curator, so a lot of my work is very practical and based on personal experience and observation. Specifically, I make exhibitions and have to do a lot of logistical, social, and organizational work to create infrastructure supporting new types of programs. I work with new media art primarily, and there is not a ton of literature supporting this emerging field.

in what way your ‘non-written work' relates to your PhD thesis. I'm writing about curatorial platforms and observations from my own curatorial practice for my PhD thesis.

how you integrate or consider integrating your ‘non-written work' into your PhD thesis.I'm considering integrating observations I have made from my own work in the field.

which scholarly traditions you base your methodology on. I'm an art historian and curator, so I'm best equipped to base my methodology on those traditions.

 which difficulties you have encountered regarding your ‘non-written work’. I attend a technical university and my advisors and colleagues are generally unfamiliar with art historical discourse and writing style. I feel a lot of pressure to quantify my research and to apply HCI methods, which is not only inappropriate, but that would be completely incomprehensible to other art historians and professionals in my field.

what you wish to gain from the workshop. I wish to meet other scholars with similar research interests, and to read interesting and relevant texts.