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Project Descriptions

2017.08.12 | PhD Course

David Kadish

Growing Complexity: Investigating horticulture in the age of the robot

2017.08.11 | PhD Course

Peter Lau Torst Nielsen

Participatory Morphologies – Co-creative forms in a Smart City project

2017.08.01 | PhD Course

Naomi Lipke

Systems of Exchange and Action Research

2017.08.01 | PhD Course

Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard

Intimate design: critical-feminist design practices of intimacy

2017.08.01 | PhD Course

Jeanette Falk Olesen

Design Processes in Game Jams: Studies of Rapid Design Processes

2017.08.01 | PhD Course

Minke Nouwens

Visions of Healthy Bodies and their Futures: How Wearable Technology is changing how we ‘see’ bodies.

2017.08.01 | PhD Course

Sarah Brin

Curating the Lab

2017.08.01 | PhD Course

Raune Frankjaer

Body-worn Environmental Interfaces: ICT beyond the Anthropocentric

2017.08.01 | PhD Course

Trine Laura Overgaard Nielsen

Reorganising Cancer Follow-up. A Design Anthropological Study on Intervention and Development

2017.08.01 | PhD Course

Søren Rasmussen

Designing Through the Archive: Eventful Organisations of Memory and Affect in Co-Creative Interaction Design

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