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The Collection of Palmyrene Funerary Portraits in the Musei Vaticani: Notes and Observations

New publication by Signe Krag, Rubina Raja and Jean-Baptiste Yon, with an introduction by Alessia Amenta.

Krag, S., Raja, R. & Yon, J.-B. (2019). The Collection of Palmyrene Funerary Portraits in the Musei Vaticani: Notes and Observations, with an introduction by Alessia Amenta, Supplemento al Bollettino dei Monumenti, Musei e Gallerie Pontificie, Supplemento n. 4,  Città del Vaticano.

From the introduction:

"This study falls within the ambit of the Palmira Portrait Project, an important international research project of the University of Aarhus in Denmark which expects to catalogue and study all the Palmyrene portraits to be found in collections worldwide.

The project, co-ordinated by Professor Rubina Raja, began in 2012 with financing from the Carlsberg Foundation which has allowed for the documentation of more than 3,300 monuments, making it a world-class reference point for this type of material. The Vatican Museums joined this project with enthusiasm, offering its contribution to the international academic community at a time when the antiquities of the ancient city of Palmyra are still today under the continual threat of destruction by religious fanatics.


All the portraits presented here have been the newly photographed in detail, photography now being an invaluable instrument for in-depth iconographic and stylistic study. I am exceedingly grateful to the Photographic Laboratory of the Vatican Museums and thank them for their professionalism and their customary availability in producing the beautiful images which decorate this catalogue. A selection of these is available, together with brief descriptions, in the on-line catalogue of the Vatican Museums (https://catalogo. museivaticani.va/opere/)."