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Palmyrenske gravportrætter mellem korpus, konflikt og kunstmarked

New publication by Professor and Centre Director Rubina Raja.

Carlsbergfondets Årsskrift 2020.

Raja, R. (2020). "Palmyrenske gravportrætter mellem korpus, konflikt og kunstmarked", Carlsbergfondets Årsskrift 2020, 38-41.

The Carlsberg Foundation's Annual Report 2020 - a new digital format

Since 1974, the Carlsberg Foundation has published an annual report (Årsskrift) presenting a variety of the groundbreaking research being conducted with support from the foundation. This year, a new digital format is introduced, and the research is presented in text, pictures, sound and video.

Professor of classical archaeology and director of the Palmyra Portrait Project Rubina Raja has contributed to the annual report recounting the overall results of the project.

You can read more and experience the new Årsskrift here.

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