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Palmyra documentary tours film festivals across Europe and the United States of America

The award-winning documentary ‘1001 Faces of Palmyra’ has been selected for several film festivals across Europe and the United States since it premiered last year.

‘1001 Faces of Palmyra: The Lost Jewel of the Desert’ has been selected for numerous film festivals across Europe and the United States since it first premiered in April 2021.

The visually impressive film is about the long urban history of the oasis city of Palmyra – all the way up to the destructions by ISIS in 2015 and 2016 during the Syrian civil war. The research conducted within the Palmyra Portrait Project, directed by Professor Rubina Raja and funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, plays a pivotal role for the narrative of the film. Documenting the work and challenges that the project team members experience when they visit collections and museums with Palmyrene funerary sculpture, the documentary beautifully unfolds a story about the ancient city as told through the faces of the former inhabitants.

The documentary, which is directed by Meyar AL-Roumi and produced by Un film á la patte and ARTE France, has received awards, special mentions and been selected for the following film festivals:

  • Official selection at the 12th edition of the Festival della Comunicazione e del Cinema Archeologico, Licodia Eubea (Italy)
  • Official selection at the 7th International Archaeology Film Festival de Split (Croatia)
  • Official selection at the RAM film festival (former International Festival of Archaeological Film) (Italy)
  • Official selection at the 18th Festival International du Film d'Archéologie de Bordeaux – ICRONOS (France)
  • Award of ‘Archaeological film’ at the 11th International Archaeological Film Festival "AGON" (Greece)
  • ‘Honorable Mention for Audience Favorite’ at the Archaeology Channel International Film Festival of Eugene (USA)
  • Official selection at the 2nd Festival Les Printemps de l’Archéologie (France)
  • Official selection at the Firenze Archeofilm (Italy)
  • Official selection at the 16th Festival du Film d'Archéologie d'Amiens (France)
  • ‘Special mention’ at the Arkhaios Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Film Festival (USA)
  • Official selection at the 9th édition des Rencontres d'Archéologie de la Narbonnaise (France)
  • Official selection at the 12th Festival international du Film d'Archéologie de Nyon (Switzerland)

Read more about the documentary here and here, and find further information about Palmyra Portrait Project on the project webpage here.