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Fig. 1. Funerary relief with two males and a child (© Palmyra Portrait Project, Ingholt Archive at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, PS 168).
Fig. 2. The new catalogue of the Palmyra Collection at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, published in 2019 by Prof. Rubina Raja.

Systematising the Study of Portraits

2020.03.02When excavating in Palmyra, Harald Ingholt made thorough records. These records are the basis of a large database compiled by the Palmyra Portrait Project since 2012. Research Assistant Julia Steding takes stock of the work done so far and the many possibilities generated by the database.

Tesserae as evidence of Palmyrene societal structures

2020.02.25By Rubina Raja, Nathalia B. Kristensen and Olympia Bobou.

Rejoining a Palmyrene funerary relief: postscriptum

2020.02.25New publication by Professor Fred Albertson (University of Memphis), Curator Kenneth Lapatin (J. Paul Getty Museum) and Centre Director Professor Rubina Raja.

Palmyra, ørkenens perle – én by, tusindvis af skæbner

2020.02.05Teaser of lecture by Professor and Centre Director Rubina Raja at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Jesper Vestergaard Jensen.

New PhD student at Humboldt University

2020.02.04Former research assistant within the Palmyra Portrait Project, Jesper Vestergaard Jensen, has accepted a PhD position at Humboldt University in Berlin.

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