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Capacitive deionization: Activities

CDI in Aquaculture

Capacitive Deionization (CDI) was developed in the 1960s, however, research has intensified recently as CDI shows promise in producing drinkable freshwater from brackish water sources. This exciting new research has led to the development and production by swt of a scalable and portable state-of-the-art CDI that is being used in our project. This modular and scalable CDI has already been employed successfully in aquaponics (the combined practice of hydroponics and aquaculture) to control water quality. We are implementing the CDI into RAS to directly remove off-flavour compounds from the water, reducing the requirement for purging. The CDI is additionally being employed for the removal of ammonia from the water such that the CDI may replace the need for biofiltration to some extent. Thus, the CDI might indirectly remove taste and odour molecules from the water if the biofilter is a source of off-flavour and therefore further lessen the requirement for purging.