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Work packages

WP1: Mapping and characterising glacial flour deposits and potentially arable land

Purpose: To locate and quantify glacial rock flour and arable land resources in South Greenland

WP leader: Mogens Greve, Aarhus University

WP2: Changes in soil-water retention, plant-available water, and water repellency

Purpose: To quantify the minimum amount of glacial rock flour necessary for different soil types to ensure sufficient plant-available water and elimination of soil-water repellency under both wet and present arctic dry conditions.

WP leader: Lis Wollesen de Jonge, Aarhus University

WP3: Changes in air-phase characteristics controlling soil aeration and gas exchange

Purpose: To identify minimum glacial flour amendment for reducing the low-pore network connectivity in the low-clay, high-organic soils, amd maxiumum amendment to avoid overdosing that can lead to poor soil aeration and cause low CH4 removal and high emissions of N2O

WP leader: Per Møldrup, Aalborg University

WP4: Field experiments: Carbon complexation, soil structure development and crop yield

Purpose: To evalute the impact of glacial flour on crop yield and quality, soil-carbon complexation and soil micro-aggregate development 

WP leader: Emmanuel Arthur, Aarhus University

WP5: Carbon sequestration and environmental effects of glacial flour as soil amendment

Purpose: to document the level of carbon sequestration potential and potentially environmental adverse effects of the different types of glacial flour when used as soil amendment

WP leader: Minik Rosing, University of Copenhagen

WP0: Project leadership and WP coordination

Purpose: To monitor the overall project deliverables, ensure that the soil and glacial flour resources of South Greenland are mapped and characterised, and that the effect of glacial flour for increasing plant-available water, soil aeration, crop yield and carbon storage are determined

WP leader: Lis Wollesen de Jonge, Aarhus University