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MIXED workshop on EIP AGRI Practice Abstracts

EIP AGRI Practice Abstracts were introduced and discussed at the MIXED project meeting in September. Willemine Brinkman, from EIP-AGRI, was invited to introduce the overall idea and explain the process of preparing and submitting a practice abstract.

MIXED is a Horizon2020 research and innovation project with a so-called multi-actor approach (MAA), i.e., the project has a focus on real problems or opportunities that farmers or foresters (“end-users”) are facing. In a multi-actor project stakeholders with complementary types of knowledge – scientific, practical, or other – join forces from the beginning to the end to work on innovative solutions.

As part of communication activities, MAA projects are required to produce “practice abstracts”, which outline what they do and their main findings. The information should be easy understandable and provided throughout the project’s life cycle, and shared in a specific format - the “EIP-AGRI Common format” - that is specially developed so that project info and results can be shared with those who can apply the findings.

The EIP-AGRI was launched by the European Commission in 2012. It aims to foster a competitive and sustainable agriculture and forestry sector that "achieves more from less". One way of doing this is though the introduction of “practice abstracts” with the objective to facilitate contact and share information in the EU agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS).

Willemine Brinkman, from the EIP-AGRI, was invited to our last MIXED online workshop to tell us about practice abstracts, introducing the overall idea and explaining the process of preparing and submitting a practice abstract.

The MIXED project will produce 28 Practice Abstracts (7 by month 18, 14 by month 36, and 28 by the end of the project). At the workshop, ideas for the first 7 practice abstracts were developed and discussed, supported by Willemine Brinkman from EIP AGRI and the C&D staff from CONSULAI, which coordinates this activity in MIXED.

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You can also find out more about EIP-AGRI on: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/en/node