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MIXED is now part of the EIP-AGRI platform

To optimize out-reach and efficiently disseminate its results, MIXED is connected with the EIP-AGRI platform. The 7 first MIXED practice abstracts is now available on the platform.

Collaboration and exchange of knowledge with other networks, projects and/or initiatives in Europe that are implementing or developing mixed farming and/or agroforestry systems will also be promoted, at both regional/national and EU level.

MIXED will connect the project and the dissemination of its results with EIP-AGRI, through the production of practice abstracts to be disseminated through the EIP-AGRI website and to seek connections with relevant Operational Groups, Focus Groups, and Thematic Networks at national, regional and EU level.

The primary objective of the EIP-AGRI Service Point is to stimulate the interaction between all people involved in the EIP-AGRI network, including farmers, researchers, advisers, NGOs, public authorities in Member States, businesses, and other interested parties. This objective is achieved by:

  • gathering and disseminating information from research and innovation project and creating an effective flow of information via the EIP-AGRI website
  • bringing together innovation actors in Focus Groups, seminars and workshops to exchange information and experiences on various topics, and
  • connecting with other relevant networks at national, regional and/or local levels.

The resulting innovative knowledge and easily accessible end-user materials from this project should feed into the EIP-AGRI website and tools for broad dissemination. The end-user materials to be produced contain a substantial number of summaries for practitioners in the EIP common format ("Practice Abstracts" - short summary of max 1500 characters (word count – no spaces) which describes the main information/recommendation/practices that can serve the end-users in their daily practice).

In addition to collaborate with the EIP-AGRI to facilitate the publication of MIXED dissemination materials and to potentiate the dissemination of project results, the MIXED project aims to develop 28 Practice Abstracts. With this task, the project wants to flag an open approach and create as much synergy as possible with other initiatives, within the EIP-AGRI platform. 

To achieve the proposed objectives, MIXED submitted the first batch with the following practice abstracts, last March:

  • PA 1: MIXED multi-actor and participatory approach
  • PA 2: Common visions for mixed farming and agroforestry systems in Europe – but different pathways to get there
  • PA 3: New comprehensive catalogue of scientific literature about mixed farming and agroforestry (D3.1)
  • PA 4: Framework for development of mixed-farming and agroforestry systems
  • PA 5: Handbook of indicators – a basis for assessing changes in system functioning, farm management for efficiency and resilience
  • PA 6: Integrated production of pastures, cork, and high value meat products – the Montado mixed system
  • PA 7: Improved nutrient cycling and green biomass production via biorefinery and farm collaboration

Some practice abstracts include project results with practical recommendations for the end-users, and some of them include expected outcomes, impact, and the added value if the results of the study/project are implemented. The results and outcomes of the ongoing studies will be included in the next deliverables (D7.9: month 36/September 2023; and D7.10: month 48/September 2024).

All the practice abstracts and project information can be found on the EIP AGRI website at: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/en/find-connect/projects/mixed-multi-actor-and-transdisciplinary