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MIXED collaboration with ‘sister-projects’ AGROMIX and STARGATE on climate-smart and resilient farming

How can three projects, MIXED, AGROMIX and STARGATE, funded by the EU’s research programme Horizon2020, collaborate and benefit from each other’? That is what we will investigate in a joint workshop on 14 June.

In the workshop we will present the projects to each other and discuss how we can work together around climate-smart and resilient farming and share knowledge.

The three projects are funded under the same topic ‘Climate smart and resilient farming’. MIXED and AGROMIX both have focus on ‘Efficiency and resilience of mixed farming and agroforestry systems’ and started in 2020, while STARGATE started a year earlier and address a different aspect of climate-smart and resilient farming, namely ‘Micro climate management from field to landscape’.

All partners of the three projects will receive invitations to participate in the workshop as soon as the workshop program has been finalised.