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2021.10.15 | Research news

MIXED workshop on EIP AGRI Practice Abstracts

EIP AGRI Practice Abstracts were introduced and discussed at the MIXED project meeting in September. Willemine Brinkman, from EIP-AGRI, was invited to introduce the overall idea and explain the process of preparing and submitting a practice abstract.

2021.10.15 | News from the management

One-year with MIXED

MIXED is on-track, alive and kicking in spite of a challenging first year with the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021.10.08 | News from the management

MIXED Advisory Board – support from three outstanding experts

MIXED has been fortunate to establish collaboration with three outstanding experts to provide advice and feedback to the project and further share their expertise with the MIXED group to support implementation and strengthen impact

Dr. Nicholas-Davis from Aberystwyth University, presenting how participatory methods are used in MIXED (Photo by Lise Andreasen)

2021.10.06 | Events

Improving agricultural diversity for sustainability and resilience

The EU Horizon2020 project, MIXED, was featured at the Landscape2021 conference 20-22. September 2021 - a conference that brought together scientists from across disciplines with key actors to explore whether and how diversity and diversification can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient agriculture.

Sheep grazing winter barley in trials at SRUC, Aberdeen, UK in March 2021 (Photo by Christine Watson)

2021.10.05 | Research news

Handbook of indicators – a basis for assessing changes in system functioning, farm management for efficiency and resilience

Researchers in the EU project, MIXED, have developed a supportive guide - the Handbook of indicators - to be used in the collection of farm level data across all work areas in MIXED.

2021.08.26 | Research news

Paving the way for open access projects - the MIXED Data management plan

The project management of the MIXED project has volunteered the project to be a so-called Open Data Research Pilot . A data management plan has now been developed, which describes the data management life cycle for data collected, processed and/or generated in MIXED.

2021.06.18 | Research news

National MIXED backcasting workshop shed light on major challenges and ways forward for mixed farming and agroforestry systems in Denmark

Last week, the Danish MIXED team held a so-called back-casting workshop and had summoned various relevant actors to discuss and map the challenges and, not least, the paths forward for mixed farming and agroforestry in Denmark.

2021.04.26 | Research news

Learn more about our partners and the MIXED farming and agroforestry in Europe.

Partner interview with Fabien Liagre from AGROOF

2021.04.23 | Events

MIXED collaboration with ‘sister-projects’ AGROMIX and STARGATE on climate-smart and resilient farming

How can three projects, MIXED, AGROMIX and STARGATE, funded by the EU’s research programme Horizon2020, collaborate and benefit from each other’? That is what we will investigate in a joint workshop on 14 June.

2020.10.01 | News from the management

Mixed farming and agroforestry systems have many advantages

A new big EU research project will explore different types of mixed agricultural systems, incl. agroforestry. The assumption is that the mixed way of farming holds many benefits – both in terms of general sustainability, resilience to climate change, better utilization of nutrients and biodiversity. Aarhus University, together with International…