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Exploratory networking across sites and disciplines

What: The dynamism of ports as places connected and integrated through global shipping AND determined by local conditions, experiences, and history

How: Multiple disciplines reflecting OR representing some of the specificities of the sites:

  • Kobe: Engineering, geography, and sociology of the social structures and implications for the port city and hinterland
  • Haifa: Economy, political science, and international relations
  • Aarhus: Anthropology and history    

Exploring how the different disciplines and studies by the partners reflect the specifics of the sites, yet, can offer new perspectives on the other ports, and, thereby, new research questions. These research questions may be less prominent and more obscure, but perhaps not less relevant at the other sites. This process also has the potential of drawing in additional researchers from the other port sites.

Aim: Future joint grant proposals

Target group: Other researchers, who may be interested in joining a grant proposal

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