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Who are we?

Gendering in Research (GIR) is a network for anyone who is interested in learning more about sex/gender, sexuality, and feminist methodology and how one can approach these topic from a scientific perspective. We offer monthly talks, occasionally also events or conferences all presenting the newest research carried out by a broad range of gender researchers from humanities, social sciences, as well as the natural sciences. We offer an ideal setting for learning more about sex/gender, sexuality, and feminist methodology and a great chance to meet with future collaborators. We hope that you will join us and find inspiration to use new methods or approaches to sex/gender! You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook) or become a free member of our network if you would like to stay updated on which seminars are coming up (contact GIR Founder and Coordinator post.doc Lea Skewes etnols@cas.au.dk to join us).  

What is our purpose?

The purpose of Gendering in Research is to create a platform which disseminates the newest knowledge on sex/gender, sexuality, and feminist methodology to a scientifically interested audience. In other words, our aim is to facilitate scientific collaboration and gendered discussions at Aarhus University, it is however not a requirement that one is employed nor enrolled at the university in order to participate in our events. We aim to be inclusive to everyone with a gendered passion, and strive for diversity and representation in our recruitment of speakers. We also welcome students and activists alike to contribute in our conversations. There is no knowledge prerequisite other than English skills since the talks are always carried out in English at an academic level.


2021.06.25 | Publication

Sexism and Sexual Harassment in Danish Academia: Looking Back and Gazing Forward

Ea Høg Utoft, Postdoc, The Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy, Aarhus BSS writes about sexism and sexual harassment in Danish academia

2021.06.09 | Publication

Forskere svarer igen: Kritikken af vores forskning er pseudovidenskabelig

GiR founder Lea Skewes & Joshua C. Skewes comments on misrepresentation of study and critique of research

2020.10.23 | Administrative conditions

Students at Aarhus University who experiences sexism or sexual harassment can get help

At AU, we place a high priority on treating each other with decency and respect, and we have zero tolerance for any form of harassment, bullying, violence or discrimination

Upcoming events

Thu 28 Oct
11:00-13:00 | Aarhus University, Nobelparken, building 1481, room 239
Antifeminism - Why now and Why so Angry?
Talk by Mikkel Thorup, Professor of Histories of Ideas, Aarhus University
Thu 25 Nov
11:00-13:00 | Aarhus University, Nobelparken. Further specification TBA.
Transing Care in Denmark
Talk by Molly Occhino, PhD, Department of Social Science and Business, Roskilde University
Wed 08 Dec
11:00-13:00 | Online - zoom link TBA
Cash Flow: The Business of Menstruation since 1940
Talk by Dr Camilla Mørk Røstvik, Modern and Contemporary Art History, University of Aberdeen

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Practical info

We are located at, and financed by, Interacting Minds Centre in Nobelparken (building 1483, room 312). Our monthly Gendering In Research seminars take place the last Thursday of every month from 11-13 (with a few exceptions). Anyone who wishes to stay after the talk for an informal discussion of the research and the topics covered in the seminars will be offered free sandwiches.    

History of GIR

Gendering in Research was launched in May 2015 and has been offering monthly seminars on sex/gender ever since. The first international conference we held posed the questions: “When is Gender Measurable?” and featured Professor of Biology Anne Fausto-Sterling and Professor of Economy Julie Nelson as keynote speakers. We have also organized the conference “Intra-acting with Karen Barad” which featured Professor of Physics Karen Barad as keynote with Professor Iris van der Tuin as commentator. Most recently we hosted a dialogue between Professor in Feminist Studies, Nina Lykke, and Professor in Philosophy, Rosi Braidotti, where they discussed the possibility of carrying out feminist research from within patriarchal institutions.

Founder & Network Coordinator