ALMaSS Rodenticide ODdox  1.1
The rodenticide model description following ODdox protocol
RoeDeerInfo Class Reference

Part of the basic ALMaSS system (obselete) More...

#include <PopulationManager.h>

Public Attributes

int m_Size
int m_Age
unsigned m_Range_x
unsigned m_Range_y
unsigned m_OldRange_x
unsigned m_OldRange_y
- Public Attributes inherited from AnimalPosition
unsigned m_x
unsigned m_y
TTypesOfLandscapeElement m_EleType
TTypesOfVegetation m_VegType

Detailed Description

Part of the basic ALMaSS system (obselete)

Communicates the range centre, age and size of animals to other objects

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Age

int RoeDeerInfo::m_Age

◆ m_OldRange_x

unsigned RoeDeerInfo::m_OldRange_x

◆ m_OldRange_y

unsigned RoeDeerInfo::m_OldRange_y

◆ m_Range_x

unsigned RoeDeerInfo::m_Range_x

◆ m_Range_y

unsigned RoeDeerInfo::m_Range_y

◆ m_Size

int RoeDeerInfo::m_Size

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