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Workshop I - in Kassel

The role of universities in European social and political integration – A workshop to develop an emerging research agenda


Date and Place:

26-27 August 2019, Campus "Holländischer Platz", University of Kassel.



This workshop focuses on the roles of universities in European social and political integration. At the Copenhagen kick-off conference, we reviewed current research in this field and began the process of developing ideas on new avenues for future research. At Kassel we aim to take this process further, leading to new collaborative networks between early stage and senior researchers on topics they define.

The workshop concerns re-conceptualizing universities’ third mission, public orientation, and their role for civic societies.  Possible themes include the roles of universities in social mobility, not just through their access policies but their curriculum and teaching methods. Another example is the integration of refugees to Europe through higher education, which has been used as an issue for instance by nationalist parties to question multiculturalism and tolerance. This poses questions over  universities’ roles within the broader development of European values and their responsibility for educating students as critical thinkers and democratic citizens.

There is one funded place for a person from each of the project’s partner organisations  and other PhD students, post docs and faculty are welcome on a self-funded basis. Please contact the organisers (above) if you wish to attend.