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Refugee access to higher education

Monday 13 Dec, 10.00-11.45


Organizers: Prem Kumar Rajaram (Central European University/Vienna, Austria), Gaële Goastellec (University of Lausanne/Switzerland) and Marie-Agnès Détourbe (INSA Toulouse/France)

This session is a part of a conference European Universities - Critical Futures that takes place in person in Copenhagen as well as online (13-15 December 2021). The online participation will be via Microsoft Teams (not Zoom). To receive the link, register for as Participant (attending online) here: https://events.au.dk/keystoneconference/signup


Over the 2020-21 academic year, the Refugee Access to Higher Education Working Group of the European Universities Critical Futures-Higher Education project organized a webinar series. Our aim was to open a space for students, practitioners and researchers to engage together in issues related to the inclusion of students with a refugee background into higher education structures. Very fruitful discussions helped us to understand further the dynamics at play - not only the obstacles but also the opportunities in widening access from multiple perspectives. Building on these discussions, our Working Group is organizing a roundtable to explore these issues further.



In line with our webinar series, students, practitioners, researchers and policymakers are invited to join our discussions on the topic of access to higher education for refugees and other displaced people in Europe, with the following sub-topics as specific (but not exclusive) areas of interest:

·         questions of recognition and validation of knowledge

·         access programs

·         questions of pedagogy

·         historical, political and sociological investigations of the university in Europe.


Prem Kumar Rajaram, Kutaiba al Hussein, Akileo Mangeni, Marie-Agnès Détourbe and Gaële Goastellec

Dialogue partner

Henrietta Stoeber, European Universities Association