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Changing relations between faculty, administrative staff and management

Monday 13 Dec, 14.45-16.30


Organiser: Pusa Nastase (Central European University)

This session is a part of a conference European Universities - Critical Futures that takes place in person in Copenhagen as well as online (13-15 December 2021). The online participation will be via Microsoft Teams (not Zoom). To receive the link, register for as Participant (attending online) here: https://events.au.dk/keystoneconference/signup


This working group is trying to understand how relations between faculty, administrative staff and leaders in the university ecosystem have changed with the introduction of technologies and other organisational reforms. Our work is an attempt to make sense of the impact new technologies and measures have on the university as a whole and try to provide data for understanding and perhaps correcting the course of developments.​ We collect case studies where there is evidence that power relationships are being reconfigured and see whether they have anything in common or they are relevant solely in the given context. ​


We ask the following questions:​

  • Is there added value in certain developments at the university (technical, organisational, etc) and who do these changes serve?​
  • Have changes altered who effectively runs the institution? How are changes of the new managerialism type penetrating traditional academic cultures? ​
  • What are the arguments supporting that change in the perspective of academics and administrators? ​
  • Could better dialogue lead to everybody understanding their roles better in the larger university picture? ​


Programme for this session:

Research paper presentations:

·         The introduction of an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) in a university and its impact on the  relation between faculty, staff and university leaders – Pusa Nastase (Central European University, Vienna)

·         Reforms and dynamics of sociality at the University of Helsinki - Sonja Trifuljesko (University of Helsinki)

·         Leadership and Steering of Danish Universities – Ole Wæver (Copenhagen University)


Dialogue partner

Gergely Kováts, Corvinus University (to be confirmed)