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Reading evenings

Reading evenings

"Nancy reading"

In the book À l’écoute (2002), the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy investigates questions about listening. The book is available in English translation by Charlotte Mandell (Listening, Fordham University Press, 2007). Everyone is welcome. For registration, please contact Bjarke Mørkøre Stigel Hansen at: bmh@cas.au.dk. The reading group will take place on June 7-8, 2022, from 15-18. 

"Buber reading"

Employing chavruta, we read and discussed Martin Buber’s book Daniel (1913) in 2021 and are currently reading I and Thou (1923) together with Paul Mendes-Flohr, Professor emeritus, University of Chicago/Hebrew University of Jerusalem. If you want to participate in the reading evenings, please mail to the host and convenor, professor Claudia Welz: clw@cas.au.dk