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Workshop: Digital Tools in Collaborative Creative Work

Digital Tools in Collaborative Creative Work - Call for submissions

A workshop at ACM Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI) 2018 on September 30, 2018, in Oslo, organized by the Centre for Digital Creativity, Aarhus University.

Goal and Key themes of the workshop

The aim of this workshop is to examine and discuss the role and functions of digital tools in collaborative creative work.

Consider a tool, or an assemblage of tools from a specific creative work practice. What specific functions does the tool / tool assemblage play? What does it help people accomplish? Is it first and foremost a single-user tool / tool assemblage, or is it collaborative? How well is collaboration supported via this tool / tool assemblage? What opportunities does the tool / tool assemblage provide? And in what ways does it hinder collaborative creative work?

Based on themes identified in previous work, and on our findings from prior and ongoing research projects, the workshop will explore the design space pertaining to methodological, theoretical, use-oriented, and design-oriented challenges. We are open to incorporating further themes discovered in participants’ position papers. Therefore, we invite interested parties to not only submit reports on their own experiences and insights contributing to our themes and questions, but also invite researchers to identify their own questions regarding the use of digital tools in collaborative creative practices.

We will discuss workshop participants’ visions and experiences in order to identify themes that can shape the future design of digital tools in collaborative creative work.

How to Participate

Participants must submit a position paper in relation to workshop themes to participate. This forms the basis for the presentations during the workshop and grounds the subsequent discussions. The workshop process is:

1) Participants submit a paper (2-4 pages SIGCHI Extended Abstracts) describing methodological, theoretical, or case-oriented contributions.

2) Participants will be divided into sub-groups to read and comment on each other’s contributions prior to the workshop, and to identify common points of interest.

3) Participants give a short presentation of their own work, as well as the group-work, during the workshop.

Deadline and notification dates

Deadline for submissions:  August 10, 2018 Extended to August 22, 2018

Notifications: August 17, 2018 Extended to August 24, 2018

Please send your proposal to Lindsay MacDonald Vermeulen at lindsay.macdonald(at)cc.au.dk.


Peter Dalsgaard is Associate Professor at Aarhus University and Director of the Centre for Digital Creativity, where he explores and develops interactive systems to support and augment creativity.

Christian Remy is Assistant Professor at Aarhus University, investigating how digital tools can enrich creative processes.

Jonas Frich Pedersen is a doctoral student at Aarhus University. His doctoral project examines collaborative creativity among professional designers.

Lindsay MacDonald Vermeulen is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Digital Creativity at Aarhus University, where she is exploring ways to design digital tools that support creative practices.

Michael Mose Biskjaer is Assistant Professor at Aarhus University, specializing in the theory and practice of creativity in interaction design.