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2020.01.13 | Research news

Newsletters from our research projects on cow-calf contact systems

News from research on cow calf contact systems in GrazyDaiSy and Cow’n’Calf

The report presents interviews and research with farmers and can be found at Organic Eprints (see link below)

2019.12.29 | News type

How do dairy farmers perceive and experience dam-rearing systems?

Report based on interviews of farmers in France, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark unfolds different perspectives of cow calf contact systems.

Here you can find more info (although in Danish) about the project: https://icrofs.dk/forskning/dansk-forskning/organic-rdd-4/kalvvedko/

2019.11.06 | Awards

In the Danish OrganicRDD4 project 'Cow'n'Calf', we research organic cow and calf contact systems

Aarhus University, Organic Denmark, Thise Dairy Company, Naturmælk and TruTest research possibilities to have cows and calves in dairy systems in the project 'KALVvedKO'

2019.10.06 | People

We work with cow-calf-contact-systems in the international CORE Organic Cofund project GrazyDaiSy

Research on 'Cows and calves together' in GrazyDaiSy

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