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Contextualizing the Sacred

Contextualising the Sacred: Sacred space and its material culture in the ancient Near East and Egypt, 1000 BC – AD 600

Sacred space – its use, development and meaning – is a major theme in archaeology and ancient history, and productive of research questions relating to religious identity, performance and practice, change, innovation, and dissolution. This series seeks to integrate the study of archaeology, texts, architecture, and religion, creating a forum for interdisciplinary and comparative studies of landscapes and domains of evidence that are normally treated separately. The series is open to thematic, cross-regional, and diachronic studies, as well as specific works within ancient history, classical archaeology,Egyptology, Assyriology, archaeology, and philology that treat sacred space and its material culture in regions encompassed by the designation ‘Ancient Near East’. Studies that seek to make issues and questions from one area accessible and thought-provoking to scholars in another are welcome.

Founders and editors of Contextualizing the Sacred: Prof. Rubina Raja and Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Frood 

Publishing house: Brepols Publishers