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Ceramics were a ubiquitous commodity in Antiquity. Due to its high prevalence and functionality, ceramics constitute a source of absolutely fundamental empirical material in archaeology, which can be studied across time and space. The development of distinguishable types (studies of form development - typologies) that slowly but surely evolved (often over centuries) serves as the most important dating criteria in Classical Archaeology. As a result, an understanding of society in Antiquity relies heavily on the exploration and understanding of ceramics. This 3-year research project, involving an assistant professor, a PhD student and student assistants, takes a context-first approach to the study of ceramics, and the aim is to optimise the gain of this important group of materials through contextualisation.

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Scholars study settlement in Jerash in Middle Islamic period

2019.09.22After a devastating earthquake in 749, Jerash was depopulated and it became resettled only after the 12th century, said Professor Rubina Raja from Aarhus University in a recent e-mail interview with The Jordan Times, adding that it is, however, still unclear how many inhabitants lived in Middle Islamic Jerash (9th century - 15th century).

Data from the ancient “golden river” in Jordanian city of Jerash can help improve today’s sustainability

2019.06.30In the ancient Jordanian city of Gerasa new research has revealed that a so-called “golden river” enabled the city’s population to exploit the hinterland, which increased productivity and created more robust social and economic networks. The sustainable administration of ancient land can be an inspiration for ways to master sustainability today.

Oldtidsbyen Jerash var miljømæssig bæredygtig

2019.06.28Ny forskning viser, at indbyggerne i oldtidsbyen Jerash i Jordan forvaltede og kontrollerede det omkringliggende opland og landbrugsressourcer på en sådan måde, at byen i lange perioder var miljømæssig bæredygtig.

The technology and production of glazed ceramics from Middle Islamic Jerash

2019.06.28New publication by Professor Rubina Raja, Professor Achim Lichtenberger (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) and Carmen Ting (University of Cyprus).

Associate Professorship in Urban Archaeology

2019.06.26The Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) and the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, invite applications for an associate professorship (tenured position) in the archaeology of urban societies.

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