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Ceramics in Context


Ceramics were a ubiquitous commodity in Antiquity. Due to its high prevalence and functionality, ceramics constitute a source of absolutely fundamental empirical material in archaeology, which can be studied across time and space. The development of distinguishable types (studies of form development - typologies) that slowly but surely evolved (often over centuries) serves as the most important dating criteria in Classical Archaeology. As a result, an understanding of society in Antiquity relies heavily on the exploration and understanding of ceramics. This 3-year research project, involving an assistant professor, a PhD student and student assistants, takes a context-first approach to the study of ceramics, and the aim is to optimise the gain of this important group of materials through contextualisation.

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A Study of the Centuries-Long Reliance on Local Ceramics in Jerash Through Full Quantification and Simulation

2021.02.18New publication by Iza Romanowska, Tom Brughmans, Philip Bes, Simon Carrignon, Line Egelund, Achim Lichtenberger and Rubina Raja.

Trends in ceramic assemblages from the Northwest Quarter of Gerasa/ Jerash, Jordan

2021.01.26New publication by I. Romanowska, A. Lichtenberger and R. Raja.

Nyt værk om 7 års dansk-tyske feltstudier i oldtidsbyen Gerasa

2020.12.15Første bind af et nyt storværk om de dansk-tyske udgravninger i den antikke by Gerasa er netop udkommet. Værket dokumenterer arkæologiske feltstudier foretaget fra 2011 til 2017. Dele af det store udgravningsprojekt har været støttet af Carlsbergfondet.

Arkæologiske fund fra den antikke by Gerasa kortlagt

2020.10.02Arkæologer har lavet en fuld registrering og typologisering af keramisk materiale fra den antikke by Gerasa. Et uddrag af resultaterne, der er tilvejebragt gennem det nu afsluttede forskningsprojekt ’Keramik i Kontekst’ støttet af Carlsbergfondet, er netop publiceret i ny bog.

Ceramics from Jerash, Jordan. Photo: The Danish-German Jerash Nortwest Quarter Project.
Achim Lichtenberger and Rubina Raja (eds). 2020. Hellenistic and Roman Gerasa. The Archaeology and History of a Decapolis City, Jerash Papers 5, Brepols.

Results from the collective research project Ceramics in Context

2020.10.02The research project Ceramics in Context has come to an end. Funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and directed by Professor and Centre Director Rubina Raja, Ceramics in Context has worked with the ceramic finds from the Decapolis city Gerasa, modern-day Jerash in Jordan, since 2015.

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